One Goat Can Save a Beautiful Young Girl

Donating a goat not only gives the family milk, fertiliser (meaning now) they can grow vegetables, breeding options and a small income, but more importantly saves a beautiful young girl from a cruel and painful experience, a life of infection and pain, the horrors of her wedding night, and gives her the right to her own body and a proud future.

We need your help

At the Rights of Girls Initiative, our main goal is to provide goats to families throughout Africa in order to aid in the prevention of Female Genital Mutilation; a serious and major issue for young girls growing up in Africa. Unfortunately, many families are under-educated about genital mutilation and may not even realise the harm they are causing their daughters.

Our African Partner is “RDIC”

RDIC in a Non Government Organisation in Mali, West Africa. I met Youchaou Traore and Kadi Tangara who give generously of their money and their time to change the lives of the poorest of the poor. They have a record of success, and we are humbled to support them in their efforts to begin the long process of stamping out FGM…

Just $25 can save one of these little girls from horror
at the hands of her parents

​It was 2014 when we started Rights of Girls, by buying 2 goats which we gave to the parents of Meona, in exchange for their promise NOT to ‘cut’ her two younger sisters. Today, those girls are healthy, and their father so grateful he continues to spread the word – stopping this harmful practice!

That one community of Niamana began this unprecedented grassroots movement, and it has now swelled to include over 7,200 families in Mali Africa

Every $25 goat your generous donations have bought has not just bribed the parents to not ‘cut’ their daughters, but has given that family the beginnings of their own small business – milk, breeding, selling, and fertiliser for vegetables.

Still, every 11 seconds a little girl is mutilated!

One Goat Saves One Beautiful Young Girl from Genital Mutilation and a Life of Pain

30  million girls in Africa are threatened by FGM, knowing our concept is working to stop this practice, it is now our goal, to stamp it out in one generation!

We believe we can!   The Rights of Girls Initiative has been instrumental in having over 60 villages now outlaw this barbaric practice of ensuring the daughter can eventually be married as a virgin, and the family getting a farm animal as the ‘bride price’.

We have united with International Supermodel, Waris Dirie of Desert Flower Foundation, with her our goal being to save 1 Million girls from the torture of FGM by 2020.

Please help us STOP FGM.   I ask you to donate one goat, or a whole herd! Please think about giving our goats as presents to a girlfriend or sister.

Now, every $25 goat saves all the young daughters in a family. Our local nurses continue to ‘check’ these girls at every community visit.

Do you feel this is an important issue? For the sake of these innocent little girls, I hope you do.  If so, would you please also pass this website link on, especially to parents of young girls, or anyone who has a daughter, a sister, girlfriend, wife or best female friend.

For the price of a pizza they also may decide to help us save these little girls now, one goat, one girl at a time.

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