One Goat Can Save a Beautiful Young Girl


Donate a goat and you will save a beautiful young girl from a life of infection, pain, and horrors after her genitals are mutilated.

Poor village families can see no other option if their daughter is to marry well and receive a wedding gift of livestock. Your donation gives them the option to choose not to make their daughter suffer and stop the abuse of women.

There are strong benefits for the family, providing milk, fertilizer to grow vegetables, breeding options and a small income.

We need your help

Our Mission

To provide livestock to families throughout Africa in order to aid in the prevention of Female Genital Mutilation; a serious and major issue for young girls growing up in Africa.

Unfortunately, many families are under-educated about genital mutilation and may not even realise the harm they are causing their daughters.



Our African Partner is “RDIC”

RDIC is a Non Government Organisation in Mali, West Africa. We work with Youchaou Traore and Kadi Tangara who gave their money and time to change the lives of the poor. They have had many successes, and we are humbled to support them to continue the long process of stamping out FGM…





Just $25 will save one little girls from the horrors of this terrible 'tradition'.

Our story

We started In 2014, buying 2 goats which we gave to the parents of Meona, in exchange for their promise NOT to ‘cut’ her two younger sisters. Sadly, we were just 6 months too late to stop this terrible thing happening to Meona.

Today, those girls are healthy, and their grateful father continues to spread the word to help stop this horrific tradition!

With every $25 donated, we purchase a goat to help prevent this torture. The ‘bribing’ with the goat gives the family an opportunity to start a business with breeding and selling.

Still, every 11 seconds a little girl is mutilated!

One Goat Saves One Beautiful Young Girl from Genital Mutilation and a Life of Pain

There are 30 million little girls in Africa threatened by FGM, we all need to work to stop the abuse of women within a generation.

Can we?

We believe we can! The Rights of Girls Initiative has influenced over 60 villages to outlaw this barbaric practice. A ‘tradition’ to ensure their daughter can eventually be married as a virgin while the family receive a farm animal as the ‘bride price’.

We have united with International Supermodel, Waris Dirie of Desert Flower Foundation, with her personal goal being to save 1 Million girls from the torture of FGM and the abuse of women by 2020. Please help us STOP FGM.

You can help in 5 different ways

Donate to the initiative; buy a goat; give a gift to a friend; buy a farm; and help us spread the word.

I ask you to donate one goat or a whole herd! Please think about giving our goats as presents to a girlfriend or sister.

A goat costing just $25 can save all the young daughters in a family. Our local nurses continue to ‘check’ these girls at every community visit.

Do you feel this is an important issue? I hope you do for the sake of these innocent little girls. Please share your concern and help raise awareness, especially with your friends and particularly the parents of girls.

For the price of a pizza, you can save little girls from the abuse of women now.

Latest News & Success Stories

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No excuse for female genital mutilation, says Obama

There is “No excuse for female genital mutilation” said President Obama during a Nairobi speech in 2015. “Just because something is part of your past doesn’t make it right”.

It earned him vociferous applause from the 4,400 Kenyans at the arena in the capital by throwing down the gauntlet over the rights of women and girls. Obama went on to say “Treating women as second-class citizens is a bad tradition: it holds you back. There’s no excuse for sexual assault or domestic violence, there’s no reason that young girls should suffer genital mutilation.”

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