The families of so many young girls now thank those in Australia for that one goat, that is saving their one girl, and bringing wealth to their family.

“Your latest distribution of goats was to another 10 women in the village.  The criteria was: ·
• Have a daughter/daughters aged of 2 to 10 years
• Be a woman now committed stopping FGM
• Be a woman who accepts to take major decisions
When the parents are given a goat in return for promising not to cut their daughters, the conditions are:
– Not to sell or exchange the received  goats
– Inform the president of the association in the case the goat dies or gives birth
– Accept to receive from time to time the supervision visits and to answer questions
– Agree to attend the meetings called by the president
– Keep good care of received goat”

“The main objective of this Stop FGM project is the relief of girls/women from these bad nightmares. 

Another underlying objective of this project is the goal to undertake income generating activities by breeding goats
and selling them. With the profit they can meet the family needs and pay wedding kits for their daughters. (instead of cutting her hoping for a higher ‘bride price’).

Kadi Tangara  (July 2012}