Buy One Goat Now and Save One Girl

One Goat Saves One Beautiful Young Girl from Genital Mutilation and a Life of Pain

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Donating a goat not only gives the family milk, it also provides fertiliser, allows the growth of vegetables, and provides the tools for breeding. Most importantly, it saves a young girl from the painful experience, a lifetime of infection and also gives her the right to her own body and a successful future.

Donate one goat now and save one beautiful little girl from genital mutilation.

$25 can buy you a bottle of vodka, a bunch of flowers, half a ticket to a concert, a pizza meal-deal, OR it can buy one goat and the right for one young girl to her own body and a proud future.


A gift to a friend of yours….one that changes lives.

Give a friend the very special gift of donating one goat in their name, allowing them to save one girl. You may download this gift card, and print it for your friend, or email to them, with your best wishes.

Download File: a_special_gift_for_you_.docx

Please Help Buy A Farm

We are also working to support the international supermodel, Waris Dirie and her Desert Flower Foundation in her efforts to buy small farms.

This will enable women in Africa to use the land for agriculture and training, allowing them to learn the skills to grow their own food and generate an income.  Originating from Africa, Waris not only plans to provide free medical support to the victims of FGM, she also believes that women need to be more independent through generating their own income. As jobs are scarce in Africa, we focus on providing a stable workforce for the women living in poverty. She told us, “a woman with her own income can support her family regularly, not just with the bride price. And an educated and independent woman will not mutilate her daughter because there is no need to do so.”

Waris has already raised over 20 million euros. Farms will give women income, independence and power, and the opportunity to protect their young girls from genital mutilation. With farms, the women can grow their family’s food and create an income – they can also breed goats to sell to the Rights of Girls.

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Please Buy A Goat

$25 buys one very good quality goat for a family in Africa who have formally agreed not to ‘cut’ their young daughter. You will be saving one young girl from genital mutilation and life of pain.

$50 buys a goat and provides goat food for six months while saving a girl from the horrors of FGM and also ensuring a healthy goat to provide an income.

$100  buys two goats and feeds many families with two daughters which immediately changes their well being and family security. You have raised the importance of the life and health of two young girls, and their family has a bright future because of you.

$250 saves 10 little girls. An amazing result, you are making a real difference.

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