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Would You Buy a Goat?

$25 can buy you a bottle of vodka, a bunch of flowers, half a ticket to a concert or a pizza meal-deal, OR it can buy one goat and the right for one girl to her own body and a proud future.

$50 buys one very good quality goat, and months of feed for it and it is delivered to a family in Africa who have formally agreed not to ‘cut’ their young daughter.

This goat not only gives the family milk, fertiliser for the vegetables they can now grow, breeding options and a small income, but more importantly saves a beautiful young girl from a cruel painful experience, a life of infection and pain, the horrors of her wedding night, and gives her the right to her own body and a proud future.

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Donations over $2 are fully tax deductible in Australia.

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The Rights of Girls Initiative Ltd
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Sydney 2001

The Rights of Girls Initiative Ltd is an ASIC registered Not for Profit Public Company.

ACN 159720779
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Charitable Fundraising Approval: CFN22530 and has ATO endorsement as a TCC-CI

Toni  Fitzgerald
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Kadiatou (Kadi) Tangara
Réseau de Développement et d’Appui aux Initiatives Communautaires  (RDIC)
Mali, West Africa