How YOU can Help

One Goat Can Save a Beautiful Young Girl

At the Rights of Girls Initiative, our main goal is to provide goats to families throughout Africa in order to aid in the prevention of Female Genital Mutilation; a serious and major issue for young girls growing up in Africa. Unfortunately, many families are under-educated about genital mutilation and may not even realise the harm they are causing their daughters.

Firstly, we need to encourage people of these communities to want to at least listen to the message…no one wants to be told their age old tradition is wrong, criminal and founded in superstition.

We’ve found an excellent strategy that will help the family’s survival, while also protecting their daughters – by gifting them with a goat if they choose not to cut out the genitals and mutilate their daughter. It’s as simple as that. This gifting of a goat is to get the attention of fathers, mothers, grandparents and future husbands. We want them to take notice and listen to the truth, even if we need to “entice” them!

For each daughter that the family agrees NOT to cut, we want to give them a goat. For two daughters, the family can be given a male and a female goat in exchange for not cutting their precious babies. Imagine! Just two goats and their lives are changed. They have milk and can breed the goats, beginning a sustainable future. And their daughters have a future without pain and disease, and without being made subservient and downtrodden.

We need to buy goats, many goats, and food for them. And we need to educate people. By spreading factual information about the damage FGM causes these young girls, we will help put a stop to this unsafe practice once and for all.

How can you help?

By making a modest donation, to buy a goat for a family, you will in turn directly prevent a child from undergoing this horrific torture. Your heartfelt donations allow us to help these families by providing them with a goat that can help sustain their lives.

Many families living in Africa are unaware of both the health and mental issues caused by practising genital mutilation. Our vision is to educate and positively reinforce the fact that this practice must come to an end. By giving these families a new goat, we can help alleviate their stresses while also preventing another little girl from being mutilated. Over time, we hope to transform the way that this tradition is viewed in Africa, so that many women will be spared from the physical and emotional pain that it causes.

One goat will change their lives forever and will save a young girl from the horror of undergoing any form of genital mutilation.

$25 can buy you a bottle of vodka, a bunch of flowers, half a ticket to a concert or a pizza meal-deal, OR it can buy one goat and the right for one girl to her own body and a healthy and proud future.

The Story of Three Little Girls

“We met Meona early this year in Mali, Africa. That’s Meona on our home page. She is a quiet and serious girl who seems to carry so much responsibility in her life.

It was too late to save Meona from the cruel cut. But her family has agreed not to cut her two younger sisters. They each have a very different future ahead of them.

This family, pictured above, is amongst the first in Mali to agree not to allow the horrendous practice of female genital mutilation to be carried out on the youngest two daughters.

It is also now a richer family as it has two valuable goats in exchange for this decision. And Meona’s father says he now believes the practice is wrong, and is actually not a part of their religion.”

Toni Fitzgerald
Our very first …
…one goat, one girl at a time!