“I am sending you this note immediately after my supervision visit from Niamana. Our project of FGM is getting roots. Women were happy of visit and renewed their acknowledgments for us.

During my visit six goats already got babies, their owners could not hide their joy and some confess during their interviews that with goats they already had something to undertake money generating activities.   These are some of the women I was able to contact and speak with……

Salimata Dembele: (second adviser of the Association of Good Mothers)   ‘Many women are supportive to excision because of the bride fees that their families in law will give to them the day of the marriage of their daughters. I am sure they are not aware of the consequences that this scourge is causing to young girls.

Here having the excision fees of your daughter is a real pride for women because this means that the mother was able to take care of her daughter and gave her good education.  When in reality she doesn’t know that she endanger the life of her just to have only CFA 20000F.’   ($43)

Yah Diarra:   ‘I heard that excision can cause sterility and in our society a woman who has no children is not considered by the others. In addition she is covered with all the world’s ills like ominous (threatening) or devil.  For these reason I welcome project like this and I am fully supportive to it. The goat I received as my commitment to no cut my daughters already got a baby. I am very happy for that because we are having milk for the childrens everyday which is good for their growing. Also when the baby is grown up, I can sell it to pay the school fees next year.

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