Madame Traore Adame, Coordinator, PROFESAB

OMG!  This was unexpected and will absolutely change the power and effectiveness of The Rights of Girls Initiative. Earlier this year, I reached out to the international organisation, Equality Now who put me in touch with PROFESAB in Bamako, Mali.

Recently, Madame Traore Adame, the Coordinator of PROFESAB wrote to us “We propose to drop our current plan and follow the strategy set by Rights of Girls and work with you.  We would like to start by giving 5 goats in 40 villages, (200 goats) in September.  We will then spread our work amongst nearly 100 villages and 6 towns of Bamako, Mali”.

Rights of Girls’ Kadi Tangara has been invited to use the offices of PROFESAB and is now partnering in with them. PROFESAB believes that their program to stamp out FGM in Mali “will be much supported by our ‘one goat one girl at a time’, bribe strategy, and within 2 to 3 years we will reach parents in all the villages with the gift of goats”

The international organisation, Equality Now works through PROFESAB as its grassroots partner in Mali helping to improve their campaigns to eradicate FGM, and promote gender equality.  Equality Now also supports PROFESAB in its efforts aimed at the Malian government to ensure the introduction of a law banning FGM in Mali, and secure anti-FGM legal safeguards for girls.

Founded in 1996, (PROFESAB) Promotion des Femmes de Sabalibougou [Promotion of the Women of Sabalibougou] works with women in Bamako, Mali and the surrounding rural areas to fight against poverty, harmful traditional practices and violations of girl’s and women’s rights.

Toni Fitzgerald
1st August 2013