Helping Waris Dirie and Desert Flower Foundation buy a farm for women to earn income.

Waris Dirie is the pioneer who broke the global silence surrounding female genital mutilation.  Rights of Girls has reached out to Super Model Waris Dirie, who wrote the book and movie about her life “Desert Flower”.   Waris was ‘cut’ as a little girl and ran away to London and then to international fame as a model.    We have formed a bond with Waris and her mission to stamp our female genital mutilation.
We have now made a significant donation to help Waris buy a farm for women in Ethiopia.

Waris is now mentoring Rights of Girls in this fight and she writes to us that she believes…“Women will only become independent by having their own income.  A woman with own income can support her family regularly, not with just a bride price. And an educated and independent woman will not mutilate her daughter because there is no need. 

I am planning to purchase a farm in East Africa and use the land for agriculture and training centre for women to teach them agricultural skills as most of the African people make their living out of small scaled farms with very small results because of the lack of knowledge.

70% of the land that could be used for agriculture in Africa is unused because men are focused on herding and those herds destroy the soil. These are millions of acres in each African country. 

Africa could easily feed all Africans and make a lot of money through export of vegetables, fruit, maize etc. but people don’t have the knowledge and the money to invest