Sometimes it is the very little things that make a huge difference. Rights of Girls was approached by Boston Girls’ High School in Matopeni. And we now sponsor the supply of sanitary items for 115 high school girls every month. This is the first year of the high school whose students have come through the primary school. The school principal was amazed that so many girls were regularly missing a week at school. It took the female teachers to tell him why. Stephen writes….

“Among many challenges girls are facing is lack of sanitary towels. We have found this is one of the hindrances to quality girl child education that needs to be addressed. Many girls miss out on schools since they don’t have towels while others use dirty cloth or blankets to cover themselves which causes some infections. Early this year our lady teachers did their survey and realized that a total of 115 girls in school attend the periods and may need a packet of sanitary towels each which neither the school nor their parents can afford to buy. Thank you, it is a big celebration for the girls receiving this valuable commodity for their sanitation.

Stephen Okwaro, May 2013

Donating Sanity Items to High School Girls in Matopeni

Rights of Girls also now sponsors the supply of sanity items for the 115 high school girls, every month.