“I am very happy to tell you that my trip to the large village of Niamana was a real success! Upon my asking, Karim, the Village Chief, called some lead women for a meeting the next day about FGM.

We met with the selected women and heard their views about The Rights of Girls project. Almost all of them have experienced some problems linked to FGM. They all welcomed such a project and said that they will be happy to help us help them. A woman said ‘People in rural areas have a strong link to their tradition even if this tradition have bad effect; they will say that it is God’s will’. She continued saying that ‘I hope this FGM project will not be the case because this is the only opportunity for our daughters to be saved from this crime’ .

I gave them my word and my commitment to help this happen.

The Association of Good Mothers, is started at the grass-roots.
I also discussed with them my expectations which are:
• Free girls from this practice
• Considerably reduce maternal mortality due to FGM
• Reduce sterility
• Fight against infectious illnesses etc

I am so excited with the initiative these mothers have now shown. With these women we set up a volunteer association called ‘Denbagnuma ton’ in Bambara language, which means ‘Association of Good Mothers’ in English.

The ‘Association of Good Mothers’ is a coverage for us to slide little by little in the community and have strong roots so our project of stopping FGM can be a success.

I am excited they are happy and are willing to speak out!”
Kadi Tangara RDIC (May 2012)

The Very First Members of The Association of Good Mothers, Niamana