We met Meona early this year in Mali, Africa.  That’s Meona on our home page. She is a quiet and serious girl who seems to carry so much responsibility in her life.  It was too late to save Meona.

This family, is amongst the first in Mali to agree not to allow the horrendous practice of female genital mutilation to be carried out on the youngest two daughters.   It is also now a richer family as it has two valuable goats in exchange for this decision.  And Meona’s father says he now believes the practice is wrong, and is actually not a part of their religion.

“After having the support of women of Niamana I got more confidence and more hope that one day this torture of our girls, FGM, will belong to the past.

And I was better relaxed for goats’ donation to  the parents of a 7 years old girl named Awa and of Fatoumata a 4 years old girl.  These parents from the village of Konosso had agreed not to cut these two precious little girls.

Toni, let me tell you that the family could not hide their joy after receiving their goats. Abdoulaye, the father of the girls was so very happy. He thanked us and you as the donor and also renewed his promise that he will no longer cut any of his daughters”  
Kadi Tangara (June 2012)