Wassa Kone: She is 28 years old. Wassa is a housewife. She has 3 children (1 boy and 2 girls).   Diahara Dembele is the second child and the first daughter of Wassa. She is 6 years old. Salimata is now the last born of the family. She is 2 and half years old.

‘I did not attend school but with my husband we intend to enrol our children at school. Diahara will be enrolled next school year.’ Said Wassa.  ‘I am illiterate but I what I want is that my children can be in an environment in which they can live freely without being oblige to do any practice in the name of tradition.

I am happy to have a goat. Even if it does not baby as yet, it is a hope of income for me in the future.
Also many women are encouraging the Female Genital Mutilation to seek for the bride price during the wedding of their daughters. I welcome this project because these goats can save more girls from being cut. I thank the persons who made this possible. I hope this goat donation can continue in order to save more girls’.

Interviews done by Kadi Tangara,

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